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Define: Sala (also known as a Sala Thai)
An open pavilion used as a meeting place for people to be protected from the sun and rain.

The History

Created in 1986, Thai owner's Joy and Sam Kongsilp wanted to present to their patrons, an authentic Thai dining experience in a 65-seat establishment. Who knew that almost 20 years later, their dreams would be realized with an impressive 175-seat establishment. Located in busy Downtown Vancouver, we offer catering, semi-private and private dining options.

The Food

Specializing in Central Thailand cuisine, Salathai combines flavours customary to Thai food: spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter, with an exceedingly royal flair. Having served the Thai Royal Family, the dishes are all prepared and presented in much the same manner as befitting royalty.

The Idea

In keeping with the tradition of Thai culture and customs, we celebrate the concept of sanuk (the idea that life should be fun). At Salathai, you will find delicious food, good cheer, beer towers and laughter in full force. We don't just work together, we celebrate together.